What does a chiropractic adjustment do?

Adjusting a joint accomplishes several things. Remember that our body is a neuromusculoskeletal marvel in that the nerves control the muscles which then move the bones. An adjustment affects the nerves, muscles, and joints in a very unique way. Here is a very simplified explanation:

First, an adjustment stimulates sensory nerve receptors in the nervous system to block pain and to normalize transmission of sensory (in) and motor (out) nerve signals.

Second, an adjustment stretches the surrounding muscles to relieve spasm and to restore proper motion, contraction, and joint stability.

Third, an adjustment briefly and gently separates the joint, which expands it and circulates joint fluid to promote and restore the normal range of motion.

Finally, an adjustment promotes faster healing by increasing lymph and blood flow to the area. Required nutrients are brought in, and wastes are transported out to restore the body's natural ability to properly heal.

Muscle and nerve cells die without proper stimulation. The chiropractic adjustment is the most unique and beneficial cellular stimulation known to man.