Do I have to keep coming back forever?

Absolutely not. We utilize three types of care: relief care, corrective care, and maintenance care. Initial pain from acute injury or chronic inflammation can subside in the first visit or, as is more common, within the first 4-6 weeks. Correcting the underlying cause of the problem can, however, take much longer in some instances. We believe in free will, and you have the option of discontinuing care when the pain subsides. Your other option is to continue with corrective care or maintenance care much like you would with dental check-ups or physical exams. You will never be pressured or coerced to put 80 visits on your credit card for a 12 month care plan. While many have experienced this or heard of this common chiropractic misconception, our reputation and integrity will never be compromised. Your health is always your choice. It is completely up to you.

Relief care (based upon relief of pain or condition) for many people ends when their pain goes away. Often, however, the underlying problem may not have been properly resolved. This can be similar to patching a tire - the problem has been handled for the short term. More than likely, however, its return is one day imminent.

Corrective care (what we actually refer to as 'healthcare') occurs when the underlying problem has been corrected and your body has been restored to normal function. The required length of care depends upon your nutritional healing capacity, the severity of your condition, and the mental, emotional and physical condition of your body.

Wellness care (similar to medical physicals, vision and hearing tests, dental checkups) happens when a patient values the proper functioning of his or her spine, nervous system, and the regular evaluation of all body systems working in unanimous harmony. This is the type of prevention that would save millions in healthcare.

It's not uncommon for parents to spend $6000 for the cosmetic improvements of orthodontics but to never think about the nervous system required for their children to grow, move, and play. The future of healthcare is wellness care.