Is chiropractic care expensive?

Is it cheaper to replace your engine or to routinely change your oil? What do you prefer - damage control or routine maintenance? Our society has misplaced its priorities and redefined its definitions of health and disease. We now have specialists who concentrate on diseases rather than health. This paradigm must change.

The clinical effectiveness of chiropractic has been documented by organizations completely unaffiliated with chiropractic and by published studies conducted according to the highest of scientific standards. Over and over, the conservative management of chiropractic physicians, resulting in highly significant cost savings to the consumer, could easily lessen many well-known healthcare burdens.

So, to answer the question of chiropractic's expense, the monthly cost of pain medications coupled with their toll on your body or the overwhelming price tag associated with surgery leaves little doubt as to which is more affordable in the long run. Doctors of chiropractic provide highly effective, low-cost healthcare for wide ranges of conditions without the need for poisonous drugs or invasive surgeries - both of which carry heavy burdens of cost and complicated side effects.