What to Expect

If not downloading and completing our online forms, you will need to fill out and sign all forms needed to initiate care upon your arrival. If filling out paperwork in the office please come at least 15 minutes early.  

You will notice that our intake forms are very thorough. We will leave no stone unturned, and your neurological assessment is paramount in understanding how to effectively help you. This is due to the nervous system's supreme role as the command center of every single process in your body.

  • Your past medical history, family history, and social history are very important and require complete honesty for us to initiate care.
  • Spinal exams may consist of postural and gait analysis with assessment of general range of motion of different spinal regions.
  • Orthopedic tests may be done to assess movement and pain. Palpation of joints, muscles, and bones are an integral part of our assessment.