Men's Health


Men typically have shorter life expectancies than women. While men's health issues often overlap with women's concerns, there are unique aspects to a man's health that the concerned male must understand - even beyond erectile dysfunction and prostate health. For example, cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes are the leading causes of death for American men, yet all are easily preventable with a combination of a healthy diet, nutritional supplementation, and exercise. Disorders such as high blood pressure are silent illness and do not cause obvious symptoms, but can also be handled conservatively and preventatively.

Many men are reluctant to visit their physician for a variety of reasons including fear, lack of information, sexual conditions, and cost factors. Men who are educated about the value that preventive health can play in prolonging their lifespan and their role as a productive family member will be more likely to proactively participate in their own healthcare.

How We Can Help
Millions of men rely on chiropractic for an effective combination of compassionate care, spinal adjustments, exercise and nutritional guidance, and lifestyle interventions. Musculoskeletal injuries, digestive issues, cardiovascular health, and a host of immune issues respond to conservative care. Divine Design Chiropractic, through a unique neurological understanding of the hormone and neurotransmitter deficits that commonly affect them, can help modern men to return to life as normal.