Brain Health


In order to address any condition, one should be able to affect the organ responsible for controlling everything in the body: God's greatest creation - the human brain. Despite the important role proper brain function plays in your health, most doctors do not assess or treat the brain.

Research has shown that the chiropractic adjustment can alter brain function, which in turn alters the function of bodily systems. As brain and nervous system specialists who utilize only non-surgical and drug-free approaches, chiropractors recognize the potential our treatments have to address a wide array of symptoms and diagnoses (which are really one in the same). However, we also recognize that the main concentration should be the complex relationship of underlying problems to the appearance of these symptoms. Therefore, we do not chase symptoms or claim to treat diagnoses.  If we addressed disease from a symptom-based perspective like the medical model does, chiropractic would be no different than a Band-Aid or an aspirin. Instead, we treat the entire body!

How We Can Help

Our methods at Divine Design are unlike any you will find in mainstream medicine, but we have found them to be completely effective and free of adverse effects.

It is easy to see how addressing disease from a brain-based perspective allows us to address almost anything.  It is incredible to watch symptoms disappear as a result of simply addressing your nervous system and supporting the body with the nutrients it needs.