Mission Statement

OUR MISSION is to compassionately offer innovative care specific to each patient's individual needs in order to restore and maintain his or her original and intended divine design.

OUR VISION is to be widely known as a place of healing and learning through face-to-face patient empowerment and far-reaching education via electronic and print media.

OUR PURPOSE is to give hope to the hurting by healing patients in the most up-to-date, least invasive ways possible, assuring long-lasting and abundant natural health for our patients and their families.

OUR GOAL is to not just satisfy - but to enthuse - our patients through heartfelt service, integrity, and measureable results, delivering compounding internally driven growth for a successful referral-based practice.

  • From our use of functional neurology, applied kinesiology, and functional nutrition, patients will get answers for their ailments while liberating themselves from the mindset of pharmaceutical and surgical dependence so prevalent in our current society.
  • Looking at the body from a functional standpoint enables us to address not only the immediate concerns of the patient but also his or her future health in total.
  • We will see patients from all walks of life with any and all ailments.  This practice focuses on the patient, and they will not be identified by their list of symptoms.
  • We are dedicated to the concept of patient-centeredness and will strive to maintain a fee-for-service practice that is not controlled by third parties who have neither long-term relationships with nor interest in the preventive health of our patients.