Dr. Brett Spradlin

Dr. Brett SpradlinDr. Brett Spradlin is a licensed chiropractic physician pursuing his functional neurology diplomate through the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies. This training enables him to better serve those suffering from chronic neurological conditions such as fibromyalgia, thyroid dysfunction, ADD/ADHD, migraines, vertigo/dizziness, neuropathy, chronic fatigue, and many other disorders.

He has also pursued advanced training in applied kinesiology, functional endocrinology, functional blood chemistry, and functional nutrition as well. By addressing the human body's nutritional health and detoxification threshold, specific neurological stimulation coupled with various modalities, therapies, and laboratory panels can provide effective solutions to the mystery of ill health in those who seek his expertise.

Dr. Spradlin's mission is to heal, educate, and transform humanity. His life's passion is to help you live a healthier, more abundant life by offering a truly comprehensive and cutting-edge approach to care. By providing you with the necessary tools to take control of your own health for long-term physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, your life can be lived without limits.