About Us

Our philosophy of health rests in understanding that every building has a builder, every painting has a painter, and every design has a designer. You were divinely designed to experience health and abundant life.

Divine Design is a chiropractic health practice specializing in neuromusculoskeletal disorders with specific emphasis on the neurological aspect of this term. For instance, the skeletal system only moves when the muscular system exerts force upon the bones to which the muscles are attached. Likewise, the muscles only react when the nervous system sends a command. Now you can see the importance of addressing conditions from a neuromusculoskeletal approach - from nervous system to muscular system to skeletal system.

The brain sends messages to the muscles which then exert force on the bones to lift your arm, turn your head, or to take a step. Every movement, digestive action, or glandular secretion requires the brain to send the correct commands. When the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) is compromised, these bodily responses will suffer and cause dysfunction.

While we do treat common aches and pains, we mainly rely on receptor-based therapy to positively influence the central nervous system. This means that all of our receptors - eyes, ears, and other sensory inputs like touch - can be used to diagnose and address many conditions which are traditionally approached with chemical poisons and invasive procedures.

We use concepts of functional neurology, functional medicine, and clinical nutrition to design a custom treatment plan for each individual's needs. While some traumatic injuries damage muscles, ligaments, or tendons and cause noticeable pain, many other conditions can result from imbalances in the nervous system, digestive system, or immune system.